Zèta joins forces with the Ligue contre le cancer and launches the Alpha Rose basket

Zèta joins forces with the Ligue contre le cancer and launches the Alpha Rose basket

The Zèta adventure has been underway for a year now. Always concerned about our impact on the planet as a company, we want to get even more involved in projects that are close to our hearts. 

On the occasion of "Octobre Rose", the campaign against breast cancer organised by the association La Ligue contre le cancer, we are proud to announce the launch of the Alpha Rose basket, part of the profits of which will be donated to the Comité de Gironde. 

The collaboration of two committed actors  

Born just one year ago thanks to a participatory financing campaign that enabled us to bring together nearly 2700 initial consumers. We now have 9 models, distributed both on our website and in our five partner shops, such as the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux.

Our shoes are made in Portugal and each of our suppliers has been carefully selected according to their distance from the workshop. We design our products to have the lowest possible environmental impact, while respecting people.

We now wish to follow through on our commitments by collaborating with La Ligue contre le cancer for the "Pink October" campaign. Alongside the League's teams, we want to raise awareness and inform our community about breast cancer prevention.

The Ligue contre le cancer works on a daily basis through psychological support for patients, social support, return to work, prevention and funding of research.
For each pair ordered, you will receive 10€ will be donated to the association of the League against Cancer of Gironde.

A pair of grape trainers to see life in the pink 

The white trainer with pink detailing looks ordinary, but is in fact made entirely from end-of-life materials: wine-growing waste, plastic salvaged from the Mediterranean, recycled cork and rubber.
The pink ribbon, an international symbol of the fight against breast cancer, is engraved on the outside of the shoe and embroidered on the back. 


alpha trainers pink october


The Alpha Rose model is available for pre-order from 08 to 22 October only for delivery in mid-November.  

As with all our models, we take back our grape trainers free of charge at the end of their life to recycle them into green fuel via the Gebetex sorting centre. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

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