RE:GROUND, the first coffee trainer by ZÈTA x NESPRESSO

RE:GROUND, the first coffee trainer by ZÈTA x NESPRESSO

Since the creation of Zèta in 2020, our objective has always been the same: to offer recycled, recyclable and vegan trainers. We give a second life to materials such as grapes, corn or plastic and given the multitude of waste materials that exist, we don't intend to stop there!

Today, Zèta is proud to present its first ever collaboration with Nespresso to create RE:GROUND, a pair of coffee trainers made from recycled and reclaimed materials. Each pair of trainers in this capsule collection contains recycled coffee grounds equivalent to 12 espressos.

Nespresso launched its recycling programme in 1991, just as the brand was taking off. They recycle not only aluminium but also coffee grounds, which is how we came up with RE:GROUND. The trainers are made from 80% recycled and reclaimed materials. 

This capsule collection consists of 3 models with caffeinated names: Latte, Cappuccino and Ristretto.

What makes them different? It's the sole that perfectly matches the name of the drink. A white sole for the Latte trainer, a honey sole for the Cappuccino trainer and a dark brown sole for the Ristretto trainer make this collection unique! 

RE:GROUND is a limited collection available until 10 June exclusively on the Zèta website. The best part? The pair comes in a revalued jute bag!

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How did the project come about?

In the beginning, it was above all the story of a meeting. The CEO of Nespresso, Guillaume Le Cunff, came across a Linkedin message from Laure, the founder of Zèta, and was intrigued by our approach. Indeed, 100% recycled, vegan and grape trainers are not very common. Guillaume directly sent a message with a challenge: "Bravo for the grape trainers, but what about the coffee?

After much research, it turned out that there was no coffee "leather" on the market. We finally met Tintex, a leader in the innovative textile market, who decided to join us in this adventure. 

After months of testing, research and development, Tintex has created a coffee material that can be processed into trainers. 

How is vegan leather made from coffee?

This coffee leatherette is an innovative and sustainable material that perfectly reflects circularity. 

It has been manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and materials, both in the textile substrate (underlay), which is a 100% cotton fabric, and in the coating layer, which is composed of approximately 20% green and bio-based polymers, and approximately 65% water-based PU. To this is added 15% coffee grounds from the Nespresso capsule recycling programme.

This coffee leatherette has a number of sustainable aspects: incorporation of used coffee grounds, high content of organic substances, natural dyes and environmentally responsible processing.

What is the coffee basket made of?

Zèta is committed to working in short circuits only with European suppliers close to our workshop. The RE:GROUND trainers are therefore made in Portugal like all our other models. 

The composition of the RE:GROUND trainers remains faithful to the classic models with the choice of the vegetable material corn for the outside of the trainer.

The inner lining is mesh made from plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean, the laces are made from recycled plastic, the removable insole is made from recycled cork, the outsole is made from recycled synthetic rubber and the glue is made from recycled latex.

What's new? Coffee grounds are inserted into the insole and outsole and all the brown details of the shoe are made of this new coffee material. The soles have a mottled effect which comes from the recycled rubber particles and coffee grounds.

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An innovative and surprising collaboration 

Zèta and Nespresso share the same commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 

Nespresso has a deep and long-standing commitment to sustainability, and circularity is a key element of this.

The company launched its capsule recycling programme in 1991 and regularly runs campaigns to promote recycling among consumers. Nespresso has also supported numerous circular start-ups.

 We innovate on the material side. Our DNA remains unchanged: Still transparent, still comfortable and stillalways as comfortable and tand always as environmentally friendly.


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