5 tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign

5 tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign

Zèta was launched in September 2020 via an Ulule crowdfunding campaign. In 1 month, 2683 pairs of Alpha have been pre-ordered, making it the most funded fashion campaign on the platform!

Today we give you 5 tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Focus on video! 

Everyone will tell you that 80% of the people who visit your project page will watch your presentation video without looking at your visuals(note that this does not mean you should neglect them!).
Whether your tone is funny, serious or both, your video should be clear, with good quality images and sound, and condensed enough to be no longer than 2 minutes.

Laure's advice: Work on your script and detail each scene in writing so that everything is clear and prepared for the day of the shoot. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself during the video: everyone wants to know who is behind this fantastic project ;-)

Watch the video here!

2) Have clear visuals!

You've never touched design before and you're not creatively inclined? 

Nobody asks you to be Picasso. Everything can be learned!
The important thing is to communicate precisely: some current key figures, the problem encountered, the problem your solution addresses, the origin of the project and its founder.

Laure's advice: Not enough resources to afford the services of a communications agency? Don't worry! Canva is an easy-to-use tool that will allow you to create quality visuals.

3) Prepare a press kit!

As we know, the media play an essential role in launching a project. Several weeks before the launch, build up a database of press (print and online), radio and television contacts. 

Prepare a press kit with an attractive visual and a one-page summary press release. 

Be careful: it should not be sent on the day of the launch but a few days before so that the journalist has time to plan the release of the article. If your idea is to be kept secret until the day of the launch, do not hesitate to tell the journalists to keep the information under embargo.

Do not neglect any media! Whether it's the local newspaper or a niche media outlet: each one is important. The more you appear, the more people will know about your project. 

Laure's advice: At the end of your crowdfunding campaign, remember to add a button "I'm downloading the press kit" with a pdf link. This way, journalists will have free access to all the necessary information and you will increase your chances of gaining visibility.

4) Communicate!

Nobody should know that you are launching your crowdfunding campaign on the day. For social networks, organise a retro-planning of the different publications and stories. 

The secret? Make people want to come without giving too much away. Mini teasers, blurred photos or even riddles... keep the suspense going until the big day. 

Laure's advice: Prepare, organise and plan! There are sites such as Hootsuite and Planthat that will help you plan and schedule your communication actions. 

5) Set yourself goals!

Whether it be on the temporal or financial aspect, defining objectives beforehand allows you to consolidate your project.

Your campaign should be long enough to allow you to create a certain momentum around your project and thus reach enough people to reach your launch objectives.
But not too long so that your momentum does not run out... 

Laure's advice: Don't hesitate to detail step by step the development of your financial objectives (how this campaign will help you!) in order to ensure total transparency and motivate your community to get involved with you. 


The cards are now in your hands: it's up to you!

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